An Unexpected Truce

If you put me and my elder brother in a single room, you can only have one result: chaos!
Since the inception of my little life on this earth, my brother has given me a such a hard time (btw, the converse is also true). In my early childhood, when I was unable to defend myself, my brother would keep pulling my chubby chicks all the time. When I managed to stand on my feet (well, literally, the other ‘standing’ is still a lot far away), he would deliberately put my toys far away from me and make me walk all the way towards them. When I started going to school (and unfortunately, we went to the same school), he would drop in my class in the recess time (in the name of keeping a watch on me) and call me by terrible names (his favourite being ‘bibi’), and embarrass me in front of the whole class. And in my high school, when I would ask him to knot a tie for me, he would make such a great job that I would nearly die of suffocation. But I also accept that I have not been a saint! He also had some terrible days (and nights too) because of my pranks. And in this nuclear warfare between two brothers, on the battleground of my home, my parent’s temper would always be a casualty (and then they would make us the ultimate casualty).
So, the moral of the story is, I and my brother shared a rivalry of the order of Man U and Man City (and yes, both of us will fight to be Man U).
But things have changed since past month. I have started messaging him good morning and a good night on each day. I also call him twice a day, just to enquire if he has taken his meals. I even take his side in front of my parents. And the reason is, the new smartwatch he has gifted me, that to a I5+. (though I would have liked a Fitbit Smart Watch or a Fitbit Super Watch but i5+ is also very good). And since then, I have hardly separated it from myself (actually, my wrist).
Till now, I had hardly known what obsession is all about. In my childhood, I would not allow anybody to touch my mobile phone (not a real one, the one that played ‘chhaiya chhaiya’ 😉 ), but still a girl living near my building had a special permission to access it (my attempts to get a GF started very early, but seems like girls also start their attempts to get away from me pretty quickly). But my I5+ is only made for me.
Well, my parent’s don’t have any problem with this obsession, though. Cause, just because of this smartwatch, I have started going for walks (just so that I can increase step-count on it and feel good). And, thanks to the alarm in it, I manage to wake up early (and then do nothing). And it’s find-your-phone helped me a couple of times, obviously, to find my phone (which was in my pocket). So, this smartwatch has virtually solved all of my problems. 🙂
But, it has created some new ones too. Because of its sleep tracker, I realised that I don’t sleep enough and my ‘deep sleep’ is very less (hardly 20% of my total sleep cycle). And I also found out that my only ‘deep sleep’ cycle is in the afternoon, and eventually, I started taking bigger and bigger afternoon naps (and now I have a scientific proof to show my parents).
Anyways, if you neglect this minor(?) con, then my brother’s gift has inspired me to live at least a bit of a fitter life. And it has, at least now, improved the relation between me and my brother (to be honest, we both love each other, just don’t know how to express it. But he has taken a great first step towards the universal(?) peace, and I think I will reciprocate it in the near future). While giving it to me, he said: “Fatso, you need to burn some calories. This watch will help you to do so” (not very touchy, yet it shows that he cares for me).
Let’s hope this smartwatch obsession sticks and I end up making my life a bit healthier!
P.S. – I lost my brother to a sudden cardiac arrest in December 2019. All I have, is memories like these, that keep me alive.

Published by Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a misguided ghost, trying to find solace in the stories that the streets have to whisper!

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