I never believed in the GOD

I never believed in the god,
And everybody called me an Atheist.
They said, believe in the “divine”,
It will change your life,
But they never said, how?
Will I get supernatural strength
Or will I be able to breathe the purest of O2?
(Oh man, that I really need to)
Perhaps, my life will be a less messed up (and it should be)
But then, those ” hard staunch god supporters” don’t enjoy privileged lives,
A few have worse than mine.
They say, “Have some faith in the Supreme”,
But I already have faith,
Faith in my values, which has helped me propel my ship through the storms,
Faith in the power of my mind, and my arms too (I need to hit the gym though)…
Faith in the wonders of nature,
Faith in the blunders too.
And I’d always support the lack of faith,
Instead of a misplaced one.
They say “the blind faith in god drives the world”,
Oh, but I beg to differ,
I think the driver has always been the power of reason,
And to betray it is the biggest treason.
” the X happens because of Y”,
You only need to ask why?
Say “the god wanted this to happen”,
And you are in a fall, that no one can stop.
The world works only on the principle of the ” Equivalent exchange”,
And it’s been doing so for several years,
And “selfless altruism” is nothing but a trick,
Cause “satisfaction” is also a chip in the game.
And I can’t stop laughing when they say,
“The God is responsible for the peace”.
Well, religion is not my territory,
And my love’s never been history,
But it screams out aloud,
That’s millions have died, and billions suffered,
All but in the ” name of god”.
I never believed in God.
Rather, I couldn’t.
I always wanted to,
(Still searching for a good reason though)

Published by Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a misguided ghost, trying to find solace in the stories that the streets have to whisper!

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