What is Life?

Life is a story, waiting to be written.
And, it is your story!
I have a very strange habit. I like to talk with strangers and learn about their lives. Wherever I go, I manage to find some stranger, who is either happy or sad, but definitely willing to talk and share his/her story with me. And through this long (yet very short) life of 23 years, I have met several such people and heard their interesting stories.
I have met an old person on a train and heard his entrepreneurial adventure.
I have met a person in a waiting room and heard a courageous story of a nervous breakdown and a fight against it.
I have cried when a boy told me that he lost both his legs in an attempt to save his younger sister but still, couldn’t do it.
And I have laughed when a happy couple sitting next to me on an airport, narrated the pranks of their two years old daughter, while the culprit was busy in playing with my beard.
And I have heard hundreds of such stories. And I have smiled, laughed, blushed, winked and even sobbed while listening to them.
But, even after listening so many stories, I couldn’t find two identical ones.
Each story had a different hue. Each story breathed a different life. Each story had its own soul, which touched mine in a very different way, each time.
Somebody had said, “Everyone has its own legend to fulfil”, and It is so true.
We are the hero of our own story, and we are the writer too. While others have their own stories to write, some of them play either a supporting role or a guest appearance in our stories as well.
And with so many stories interlinked with each other, the ultimate story, the story of life unveils itself, slowly, yet so mesmerizingly, that all we can do is be amazed and ask: “Oh my god, what is this thing called as life?”

Published by Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a misguided ghost, trying to find solace in the stories that the streets have to whisper!

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