What would you miss if you are going to die today?

I came across the above question on Quora, and couldn’t stop myself from answering it. I am reproducing that answer here:

I would miss a simple thing which I always ignored, the life.
My little, precious life.
Its been 22 years now, and I have done so many things with it.
I played with it, twisted it, looked at it with stern eyes like it’s my biggest nemesis, cursed it for being so tough on me, cried on it, tossed and turned it like a piece of paper, tried to burn it with my very own hands and almost gave it up by having a brief affair with its counterpart, the death.
Just one thing is remaining, I didn’t ‘live’ it properly (and I bet, you also didn’t).
I failed to do so. In the darkness of big problems, I couldn’t see emeralds and rubies of small joys.
In the cries of pain and sorrow, I couldn’t see smiles of happiness.
I always missed small moments while running behind those big dreams.
Yes, I failed to live my life like I should have. Like all of us do. Every single one of us.
We get so engrossed in our pursuits, goals and failures, that we often forget, that these are just a small part of our life. A teeny-tiny part of such a humungous human life.
When was the last time, when you mindlessly strolled on a beach, without caring about the project/assignment deadlines?
When was the last time, when you ate an ice-gola, without thinking about stupid cold or flu that will follow it?
When was the last time, when you just did something, without thinking about its repercussions?
To summarise in a single sentence: when was the last time, when you lived?

So don’t worry about what would you miss if you die tomorrow, the obvious answer is the life. You won’t have a life to live. So just live your life to its fullest.
After all, you only get it once. 🙂

Published by Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a misguided ghost, trying to find solace in the stories that the streets have to whisper!

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