A Meeting With The Destiny

I am always known for less work and big talks. And today I am going to do that only.
Today, I found something in my heart. I found a torch. A torch lit up by sparks generated because of the friction between my mind and heart, and as finally, my heart emerged victoriously, the torch was handed to it. And as I stepped out of darkness, and glanced at the horizon, I found someone waiting there for me.
From a distance so far, I couldn’t clearly reckon that figure. But I was so curious that I couldn’t hold myself back. I started walking towards it. But after a short while, I found that there is a direct path leading to the horizon. All I could see were paths filled with obstacles and stymies. Thrones and fires. Mountains and precipices. All I could see was darkness. Afraid to step into the darkness again, I decided to stand and only gaze at that figure. I decided to give up.
But then suddenly that figure disappeared from the horizon and appeared in front of me. It was wearing a silver cloak, with a locket of sapphire. And that figure spoke to me, in a sonorous voice, “Do you reckon me? You have never seen me before, but you always tried to change me, without knowing what I hold for you. You always blamed me for your mistakes. You always ignored me, without noticing that I have been noticing you for quite some time now. I am the one who will meet you at every point of life. I am destiny.”
 “Destiny? But I don’t believe in you. I always create my own fate.” My arrogance spoke instead of me.
“Yes, I know. That’s why you gave up on following the path to me, and are standing here and doing nothing, aren’t you?”
I couldn’t answer that question. I had no excuses. Indeed, I had killed my curiosity. Indeed, I had given up too early.
“Don’t worry my dear child; I am not here to blame you. Most of you do the same. You give up too early, without knowing what you could have achieved; without knowing what awaits you on the other side of these unknown roads.”
“Then tell me, what awaits me?” I asked curtly.
                   “I, the destiny await you. At a place, where you all can hardly glance at me, but I can watch all of you. And do you know why I wait there? Because I don’t want to miss legends.”
“Yes, legends. Every person has a legend to fulfil. Every hand has a story to write. Every heart has a dream to chase and every soul has the world to conquer. A bird can survive in a cage also, but a bird should never be condemned inside that cage. A bird must fly, in the sky of unlimited possibilities. A fish must swim, in the ocean of dreams. Similarly, a person must also get out of his comfort zone and walk on the path towards his destiny.”
“But why should I step toward you? You have already decided what I will or will not get in my life.”
“You are wrong my son. I don’t write your story. Every person writes his own story; I just provide a blank page. And if you think that destiny will give me what I deserve, you end up keeping that page blank for your entire life.”
“So what do you suggest me to do?”
“Me? I am destiny, I don’t suggest, I just watch. The destiny just watches while you write your own destiny. The future smiles when you create your own future.”
                   The destiny said only this much and disappeared. I again looked at the horizon and saw that figure standing there, watching me, and watching all of us. I thought for a while, held my torch high and started walking on the road leading to the unknown.
                   I could not see that figure from so far, but I bet, it smiled.

Published by Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a misguided ghost, trying to find solace in the stories that the streets have to whisper!

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