“I don’t think I can continue writing as good as I do, after I leave this city.”


“Because this place is magical; no other place can make me write so good.”

(Stern look) —

“I don’t think I can date him anymore.”


“He’s really a good guy, but he’s not so compatible with me – you know, like a soulmate. I don’t see the magic.”

(Stern look number two.)—

“I don’t think I can live in this room.”


“Because, you know, it’s not magical.”

(Stern look number 3)—

Magic – such a ‘magical’ word it is, isn’t it?

Or, just a cute, little lie? An excuse to not do the real work? A reason to stay away from things we that require some efforts? (Calling me a Muggle, already?)

I recently watched a Friends episode (more like, re-watched for the nth time), where Monica says something really nice to Chandler – “I don’t believe in the concept of soulmates. I don’t think you and me are destined to end up together – we just fell in love, and then we worked hard on our relationship. Some days, we worked really hard (and that’s why we are where we are!)”

I agree that Ross and Rachel were nice too – but I always liked Mr. and Mrs. ‘Bing’ (you just heard that in Chandler’s voice, didn’t you?) – two completely different people, got into a relationship out of desperation (or was it magic?), and then stuck together forever – caring and loving each other, getting angry at each other, cursing and cuddling at the same time – making every moment count! Isn’t this what it should always be? Is this what they call ‘the magic’?

Sure, a city can be more beautiful than the others – but writing is something in you darling – you have to work on it, daily, to make it as beautiful as the city you love!

Sure, he’s not your soulmate and all, but why don’t you give it a try and put a little effort in that a-little-boring-a-little-dormant relationship? Who knows, he might turn out to be a Chandler to your Monica?

Yes – this place sucks – it is not as awesome or magical as your last one was. So does your new job. And new colleagues. And new gym. And everything else.

But can you not give it a try?

A little renovation can make your new place cool?

A little extra involvement can make your work a little interesting?

A Chai-sutta-gossip can make your colleagues more fun? Or maybe, just a warm, inviting smile everyday?

Magic – is not a cute, little lie – it’s about the small, small gestures and a little more hard work you put in your work, your relationships, your hobbies – your life!

Magic is not in you – you are the magic!!!

Published by Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a misguided ghost, trying to find solace in the stories that the streets have to whisper!

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