Perfect endings!

“So, you just let her walk away?” She was puzzled and angry at the same time.

“Yes.” He wasn’t either. Rather, he was just calmly sipping his coffee, like nothing has happened.

“With her ex?” She just couldn’t believe him. It was not in his nature to be so calm, that too, at such an odd moment.

“Yes.” The cup, half filled with the hot coffee, was on the table now. He had wrapped his hands around it to gather some warmth from it.

“That too, when she had accepted your marriage proposal just a week ago?” She just hoped that warmth from the hot coffee to transfer in her best friend too, and he lose his cool for a while at least.

“Yes.” He wasn’t interested in generating any other response. He didn’t consider it necessary.

“Like really? How could you just let her go? I know her ex came back from USA to see her again and all, but still? Why didn’t you put up a fight, you moron?” Unknowingly, she was on her feet now, thumping the table in front of her, creating ripples in his coffee, and mind.

“Because she looked happy and it felt like the perfect ending of a perfect love story. Just not my story.” He had just quoted Ted Mosby, and he knew she’d get the reference. After all, they were best friends for a decade now.

“Stop it. Life’s not a series. If you keep giving these easy endings to the people who you love, what will happen to your story then?” She was just too frustrated with him tonight.

“My story? Ohh, I guess she’s just sipping her own coffee, while her best friend is yelling at her for letting her perfect ending slip through her own hands. Or maybe, its she yelling on her best friend instead?”

The silence was awkward, as she sat down, and started sipping her coffee as well.

Published by Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a misguided ghost, trying to find solace in the stories that the streets have to whisper!

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