Rewriting the past!

“This is just like Budapest!” – Natasha Romanoff

“Well, you and I remember Budapest very differently!” – Hawk Eye

I watched The Avengers for the first time when I was hardly 18, and after that, I’ve kept revisiting it every now and then, just to enjoy the awesome fight scenes, funny jabs, lets-come-together-and-save-the-world story line and of course, the cool dialogues.

And this time, when I was watching it for the Nth time, this banter between Hawk Eye and Natasha got me thinking a fundamental question – “Why do they remember the same time they had differently?”

And which led to the bigger question – Who know’s it more correctly? What’s the truth behind the story?

Which lead to – “what is this concept called truth?”

If you do a quick Google search, you get a simple definition – “that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality”.

But is that so simple?

What about the context, memories, and feelings attached with a moment, or a person even, and ourselves? – the canvas of truth has more hues than we can think!

Imagine – you and me – we meet at a bar and I buy you a drink. We talk about our boring work lives, I tell you a some of the cool stories I’ve written, you tell me about the awesome trips you’ve been to, we exchange numbers (and If you are a cute girl, I definitely give you a call later – Oh, lucky me!) – a set of simple events. Nothing more than a bunch of facts, right?

The next day at work – I tell this to my friends – “You know, I met this cute girl at the bar yesterday. We had a great time and I am going to call her tomorrow. Probably, she’s the one!”

Or – “You know, I met this cute girl at the bar yesterday. We had a great time, but I am still not over my ex. She gave me her number, but I guess, I’ll just sit out this one.”

And you’ll tell your friends – “You know, I met this guy at the bar yesterday – he’s totally jerk!” (I am not sure if you’ll have another version about this though šŸ˜‰ )

Two people, simple events – but completely different stories – or truths?

Sabka apna apna version hota he sach ka! (Everyone has their own version of the truth!” (source – ZNMD, of course)

You and me remember the incident in a different way – cause my version of truth is an accumulation of the memories, context and feelings I associated with the facts related to that incident – and so did you.

Imagine this now – we meet again, a few days later, and we really hit it of? You date me, or give me a job offer that I can’t refuse, or we end up starting up a company?

15 years down the line – what will you tell your kids about me?

“Oh, we had such a great time in our first date, you know?

Or, “Oh, he had great ideas – and I saw the potential in them!

Or – “He was and is still a big jerk!!!”

Now the main question is – why am I blabbering so much about so many random things?

So, there is another thing – truth comes with an expiration date – you either forget it, or just rewrite your past!

Our life is a culmination of thousands of truths and memories that we have buried deep down in our hearts, even way past their expiration dates.

“My ex cheated on me, and I am going to make her/his life miserable!”

“My boss fired me, and I am not going to forgive him for that!”

“My brother didn’t help me in my college when I needed him the most, and I will not help him ever!”

Here’s a thing – your ex, your boss and your brother – they have their versions of the truths as well, and solid reasons to behave in the way they did.

If you hold the grudge a little longer, who knows, you won’t be able to have that candid conversation with your ex, or business discussion with your boss. And your brother won’t be around the next time!

“My ex cheated on me – but that’s what forced me to meet the right person!”

“My boss fired me, but that’s what made me improve my skills and land at another job!”

“My brother didn’t help me, but that’s what made me more capable of solving my own problems.”

These versions of truths sound a little better, don’t they?

Rewrite your past before it’s too late – relationships come with an expiration date too, and so does your life!

“Well, you and I, let’s remember the Budapest in the same way!”

Published by Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a misguided ghost, trying to find solace in the stories that the streets have to whisper!

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