A crossing under the lamp post!

He noticed the figure approach him again, as he continued his daily walk on that circular footpath around the park. It was tracing that path in the anticlockwise direction, opposite to his clockwise trail, and so they would pass each other, twice, as they continued to promenade in that dark night.

He tucked his hands even more tightly in his jacket, and decided to concentrate on the songs in his headphones, as he crossed that figure again; but the thoughts in his head were louder than those songs.

She is a woman. She is the same woman.

He was not seeing her for the first time. He has been seeing her every night, for the past 2 weeks now.

5’5″ or 5’6″. Wheatish complexion. Long black hair.

He noticed the same features, as she crossed him, and he again felt the same chill in his body.

He had not seen her face quite properly yet, as the park was not very well lit in the night. Only two lamp posts were spraying light into that darkness, both in front of the two entrances to the park and diagonally opposite to each other; but the two sole creatures had not cut their paths below those lamp posts yet.

The crossing would always take place a few feet before or after the lamp posts.

“What does she look like? Is she giving me a smile when we pass, or is it a smug that she is sporting? Friendly eyes or piercing glance? Damn it, I need to see her face once.” The train of thoughts in his head was moving as fast as he was on that track, so that he can match his crossing with that mysterious girl under that lamp post.

Blue jacket. Hands folded. White headphones. Piercing eyes.

He could guess some features, but not all, as he moved a little too fast and crossed the lamp post a few seconds earlier than he could cross that girl.

“Is this some coincidence, or am I just imagining this girl?” thoughts crowded his judgement, or was it the nervousness, as he couldn’t keep the speed up, and missed the girl-under-the-lamp-post crossing again.

He made up his mind.

Hands out of the jacket. Songs off. Headphones out of the ears and eyes fixed. A near run for 5 seconds, and then a slow gait to make it appear casual.

He reached the lamp post a little earlier and waited there. He got down on his knees and started fixing his already-perfect shoe laces.

A few seconds passed. The girl didn’t arrive.

“Did I miss her? Or did she notice my run and that scared her?” the chaos was running a muck in his mind. “Was she a ghost?” the chill-train was running along the tracks of his spine now.

He gave up the wait in a few more seconds and he got up.

A tap on the shoulder. A gasped breath. A quick 180 degrees turn.

Four hands tucked in their respective two jackets.

Two pair of interlocked eyes.

Finally – A crossing under the lamp post.

“I was sitting on the bench here and waiting for you. Do you want to take a walk together?”

A smile on the face, finding its way through the air, riding along the tracks of those tucked in arms and residing on the other face as well.


Four feet. Two strangers. A walk in the same direction.

From one crossing under the lamp post.

To another crossing under the lamp post.

Published by Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a misguided ghost, trying to find solace in the stories that the streets have to whisper!

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