Guest post: ‘Bois locker room’ has many more doors to open!

There’s a lot of talk about how we need to rein in our boys when they are young.

Of course, all of this precipitated by recent events regarding the IG group of boys demeaning their classmates. This will keep creating social outrage for some time until some new fad takes over and all our social media warriors nee ‘influencers’ will pick up a new cause. There’s a saying, a week is too long in politics. But I guess that’s a case for public memory in general.

All this while, we keep forgetting the most important point, these boys are behaving exactly in a way they have been taught to – whether it be movies, their contemporaries or their “cool” seniors. Having been a part of a industry that’s predominantly male dominated or college where 90% students were of one gender, I can claim that I know a thing or two about “Bois Locker Room”.

I believe everything here comes down to the values that we are imbibed with. Most of the kids have both set of parents working these days and in nuclear families these kids are left to their own. Here’s where Ambani’s Jio works against. These are kids with access to so much potent stuff. One is considered an uncool parent, if they try to restrict their kids access to internet.

But the thing is, Internet, in the hands of teenager, is just a sitting time bomb, waiting to explode.

I can in no way defend what has happened in Delhi. I won’t be surprised if there aren’t anymore such locker rooms.

But the fact remains, it because of what we have become as a society that we have reached here.

So rather than blaming a gender or generation and treating this is as an ‘event’ to boost one’s credentials, it would be great if we can make some permanent changes and contribute towards a better society.

So next time, when you see such stuff, please stand your foot down and raise your voice. It might make you a spoilsport or uncouth in eyes of those people, but you need to call them out.

Next time, you see your mom or sister or wife, slogging hard in kitchen, why don’t you lend her a hand? Or better, why not you cook the dinner tonight (and do that often), as she returns from her busy day at work?

Next time, think beyond the gender and race and caste – and just try to understand the person maybe?

A small step by each one us will probably be a giant leap for human decency (too cliched, eh ?)

But guess what, cliches are cliches for a reason – and they work!

– By Anirudha Hulsarkar

Published by Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a misguided ghost, trying to find solace in the stories that the streets have to whisper!

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