Perfect colors and imperfect hues!

Steam rising from a colourful teacup. A colourful teacup lightly perched on the delicate glass table. The glass table holding the dreamy hand of a girl with light bangs and deep eyes. Her deep eyes holding the secret to her beautiful smile. As she waited in anticipation for her interview results to come out, she could not help but notice the beautifully imperfect sunset hues, or was it the perfect shades of orange that made the sky so beautiful?

As she was doing a quick mental revision of the exact aahs and ohs from the interviewers, he came out with a smile and sat down to have some Adrak chai. No interview revision, no stress lines, and definitely no set answers. She looked at him and wondered what a carefree unplanned wanderer. He too couldn’t manage to ignore the snobbish perfectionist sipping tea like the queen of England.

Inside the interview room, the panel debated and concluded. The secretary came out and offered the job – to both of them. The secretary congratulated them and decided to answer their astonished gazes – after all it was just one position and the role requirements were tough. She knew they needed an uptight perfectionist. He knew they needed a free-flowing dynamism to hold the position.

 The secretary said, “this role is like making a painting”, explained to him, “she knows how to collect those colors”, and remarked to her, “while he knows how to harness the hues”.

quote credits – @misguided ghost

– By The Paradisiacally Imperfect

Published by Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a misguided ghost, trying to find solace in the stories that the streets have to whisper!

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