What if I asked her out? Mistake vs Regret

So, there is this cute girl in my Cure.Fit dance class. I see her every day and think that maybe I should ask her out. I think about a conversation starter, almost approach her – but then I think that my conversation starter is not the right one, and just walk away.

In my mind, I am waiting for the perfect line to use – and when I’ll find it, I’ll approach her.

And this is true with all of us. We are all waiting for that perfect idea to start a company; that perfect story to write a novel; that perfect gym/ routine to start workout; that perfect time to start meditation; and god knows how many other perfect things!

The truth is – we all are afraid of losing that tiny ray of sunshine that clings us to that dream – what if I start a company and fail? What if I write a novel and it turns out to be a mediocre one? Or even worse – what if I just can’t finish it? Not even 10 pages?

They say – you are winning till you’ve not lost. And that’s what comfort use – the false feeling of victory.

But they could never be more wrong – just an intent is not a sign of progress. Forget about winning – you are not even in the game. You are sitting on the sidelines.

You need to try that startup, idea, novel, whatever today, to know what you’ve got – if doesn’t work, well, you are free to move on to your next dream.

Trust me, it is easier to live with mistakes than regrets – at least you have a collage of fun experiences and stories to tell 🙂

PS – I asked her out. She’s already engaged. I am gonna die single :p

#motivation #lifeadvise #success #failures #giveityourall #tryit #justdoit

Published by Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a misguided ghost, trying to find solace in the stories that the streets have to whisper!

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