How to give a better Advise?

Yesterday, I asked my friend for some advice. And though he said some wise words, all I could feel was -“Damn. That’s the vaguest thing I’ve ever heard”

I gulped down a cup of coffee to get into the zone and decided to make a framework for giving better advice. So here I present my ADVISE framework:

A-Acknowledge: You need to first acknowledge all the feelings/ thoughts a person is throwing at you. And of course, ensure the other party that you have!

D-Diagnose: Now you need to diagnose what is the real reason for the problem/ dissatisfaction. Check around, check sources, put some shots in the dark – or just think a bit.

V-Visualize: Very important. Put her shoes on, and visualize the entire thing from her standpoint. Otherwise, it will be just your judgment taking the call.

I-Infer: And now you infer the real problem, situation and contextualize it. And of course, concur it with her.

S-Solution: This is the step where you give your viewpoint. And it will better, researched, much pinpointed and appreciated too – as the person has seen you take some effort as well.

E-Evaluate: TBH, follow-up is a better word, but you know ‘advise’. So, evaluate the outcome/ result of your advise by following up with her in a few days. Don’t just hope for a miracle.

Now, this sounds like a good tool for personal context, but if you think in broader terms, isn’t it a good way of solving problems in professional life too.

P.S. – I called my friend at 3 AM in the night to tell this framework. His advice – ‘Mr. Consultant, stop creating frameworks, or you’ll die alone’.

Pretty good advice, huh?

Published by Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a misguided ghost, trying to find solace in the stories that the streets have to whisper!

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