The portal of truth – knowing your ‘it’!

“So what are you exactly looking for?” A pair of half-slept eyes and sheepish smile had a box of questions today. While the playful conversation of her hands with his hair was keeping the moment casual, but in light of the candle on the table, the topic had the depth of the shadow for sure.

“A set of imperfections that blend sublimely with my batch of blemishes, so well that you now see a masterpiece carved out of broken pieces!”

Words spurted out of his mouth like a well-trained parrot ringing through his ritualistic line; but his eyes were lost in some portal on the wall, that transcended him to a world unknown to any kind. Parrot-like delivery it was, but the spontaneity was as sharp as her reaction.

“Well, well ,well – that was brilliant. But what do you exactly mean by that?” Her innocence knocked wryly on the door of that portal, but that was enough to bring him back to the realms of reality.

“Uh, sorry. What I meant is – you know it, when you get it. Simple.” His transition from the land of poets to that of peasants was an anticlimactic one. If only he could manage to keep his senses alive and still weave the strings of words, he’d be a ‘package deal’ – or so was told to him.

“C’mon. This is so vague. How do you know you’ve got it?” Yes, she didn’t expect such a fuzziness from a guy who ‘did math’ for his living. Isn’t specificity a rule of thumb there?

“Well, that’s the beauty – the ‘it’ changes every time, as you grow and go through your relationships.” And he was travelling back through that portal again, but now she wanted to be a companion too.

“It’s simply an iterative process, a set of mistakes and memories you make before the final act unfolds itself.”

The prolific prologue powered the portal into the two sets of eyes now, each staring at the other instead.

The portal, was the reality now!

Published by Abhishek Kshirsagar

Just a misguided ghost, trying to find solace in the stories that the streets have to whisper!

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