Perfect colors and imperfect hues!

Steam rising from a colourful teacup. A colourful teacup lightly perched on the delicate glass table. The glass table holding the dreamy hand of a girl with light bangs and deep eyes. Her deep eyes holding the secret to her beautiful smile. As she waited in anticipation for her interview results to come out, sheContinue reading “Perfect colors and imperfect hues!”

Guest post: ‘Bois locker room’ has many more doors to open!

There’s a lot of talk about how we need to rein in our boys when they are young. Of course, all of this precipitated by recent events regarding the IG group of boys demeaning their classmates. This will keep creating social outrage for some time until some new fad takes over and all our socialContinue reading “Guest post: ‘Bois locker room’ has many more doors to open!”